My friend is not in my character

Whoever designed this design wanted no one to be able to invade anyone’s Right of Privacy. The design was designed by a patent designer who designed the design not to be redesigned by any unpatented designer who feels the designed design was suppose to be redesigned to have a better design that will be designed to have microphones design, then redesigned to have a karaoke design because the new designers will be worried about what the designer has designed to be too silent for their liking.

By the way, what is the noise about design and designer? Someone might think I am trying to become a designer that is designing a design that I am thinking to design in my head which I obviously know is not the designed designation I am trying to design for you to understand in this new design that I am designing.

So let’s do it in a simple way

I always feel proud of my stomach. Inside there, there is a sub-woofer that is louder than loudness that you can’t hear. Inside that stomach is a meeting place for me, myself and I.

That baby, he is saying things in his mind. Those ba-ba-ba-ba-ba in his mind mean lots of things but you can’t know because the woofer in his mind is in silent mode in the world. He wants water but you can’t hear because you believe it is only his mother that can hear what he is saying

If only the mind has speaker, it would have being great. All I just need to do is put a microphone to your stomach and then ask you to talk.

John, did you steal the money?

I know he would be like, it is not me. “Ah swearu God Me that since yesterday, I have not seen your bag. In fact, I have been outside the house since yesterday”

But your mind, the mind. It will not agree. You will start hearing noises of confusions and disagreement.

The noise would increase with each passing minute, “how did he know I stole the money?”

Did you say something, I’d ask snortily

No sir!

In his mind that is on loudspeaker, “I thought he didn’t count the money. That’s why I picked the little cents and left the bigger notes. If only I can leave here, I would just drop the money in his shirt that is stuffed outside.

Abi iru rada-rada wo leleyi?” (What sort of nonsense is this?)

“John, I would ask again, Did you steal my money?”

He would be like “No, I didn’t steal it”

But his mind will be noising it, but we won’t be able to hear because there is no technical and technological upgrade we can add to the mind to make it shout independently.

You don’t know how annoying it is when you need to confirm if (s)he stole your money.

In the mind, inside the mind, of the mind, lots of lot run in there and that’s where the whole drama starts from.

Mind and shenanigans

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