Your problem

There is a pop culture trending in this our modern world. It is becoming unchecked and still recurring. the idea that what would the world say if I do this or that has made many people continue with some shits they shouldn’t put up with. It has made them become redundant on some things they should naturally stop.

Karimo and Ade are incompatible. Ade doesn’t like karimo because Karimo is snobbish and proud. Amazingly, Ade’s mom told him to manage because that is how ladies act. Two kids into the marriage will make Karimo become a silent and succumbing wife.

Just who said things will change?

The world now thrives on fear. We are afraid to change some things because we fear what the world will say or the explanation we will have to come up with.

You don’t need a big wedding because the world demands it. The fun is we will attend your wedding ceremony on Saturday and forget you on Sunday. The fact is, we will actually talk about it. If you happen to be a celebrity, the world will rant that you’re stingy and proud. Twitter will make it number one trend. At the end, we will forget it like we will forget COZA and Dakolo.

The age you do whatever you decide to do what you do doesn’t matter. Obama became president at age 45, Trump became President at age 69, they both have the prefix ‘President’. We need to refrain from the selah that has been making grounds all about. “what will people say”

It is time we change the music to “what will my pocket say?” “what is my heart saying” “is my happiness here?” People always want to become relationship counsellors, motivational speakers at any turn, don’t give them the power to control you.

The same world who said, finish school before this and that, will be the same to remind you of being late for marriage. It’s not the world. It’s you. Your decision and life. Not anyone’s.

If you feel it’s time for what you want to do, you don’t owe anyone explanation for anything. If you need to explain, make sure they are the ones who has bigger sense than you.

The idea for this was from my little baby, Sharon. Thanks for inspiring this think-tank.

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