They are not rushing you

As of now in the whole wide world, there are presently over 7 billion people. Of these, the most interesting part of this whole is the ratio of ladies to men. The world has always witnessed an influx of more women to men and as such we should rightly put it at 4 women to 1 man, making it look realistic when they say “Na dem dey rush us”

Everyone loves to find reasons for what we do. In fact, we are all like there are always reasons for this and that. Adam had to blame Eve, Eve had to blame the Serpent, if the Serpent was asked, it would surely have a receiving end to butt his blame. It is as simple as it gets.

Arrest anyone and they would blame the devil. It doesn’t matter if they have their eyes set on that target.

The gist today is simple. The world has made it look like it is only men that are been rushed by ladies because there is an influx of women from heaven. After all, the production factory favours females, how ironic.

The truth is there would always be people who are interested in you. That you are in a relationship doesn’t say your eyes, ears, senses will be deactivated. It doesn’t mean you won’t see other ladies. It doesn’t mean other ladies won’t notice you. It is wanton to even think that the toga of carrying an engagement ring is a protection that will hold you from the infesting demons.

A natural fine lie is shouting that “Na dem dey rush us”

If you are not convinced with whom you’ve chosen, in as much as it is still dating, you still have time to select the specification of the lady you want. After the selection, choose to be committed.

It’s not like men don’t rush ladies, too

Commitment is not that there won’t be distractions. Commitment is not that there won’t be those who are falling in love with your good looks. It was that same look that got the lady attracted. Commitment is “lead us to temptation” but “let’s get out of it unscathed.”

If you are in a relationship and you are not tempted, you may need to watch if you are really doing well like you think you are. The temptation is showing that you are becoming more handsome, cuter and responsible. Those qualities endear ladies so much.

The fact is simple, men are dogs and can get bitches proposal any time. The real truth is that dogs are loyal and won’t change allegiance no matter what is done to bring them to love outsiders.

There is nothing like “Na dem dey rush us.” claiming this and that when caught is like creating unnecessary excuses, you had it all in you. No one influenced you, you had it in you all along. The propensity to cheat has always been there, you only got someone to egg you on.

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