The Heart of Ogun

Ogun never became the god of Iron because he wanted to. His heart never became all Iron, it happened for a reason.

Let me tell you the cover story.

The year after the gods came down from heaven, they had issues with connecting with the road to Ile-Ife. Everywhere they turned to, there was always an issue that required the help of Ifa. Ifa, the wisest of the gods had the direct dial of Olodumare.

To mark his astuteness and awesomeness, Ifa decided to dress differently from the other gods. He didn’t wear the same clothes as them. He changed to all white and his horse whisk glimmered than the shine of the head god, Esu. But that wasn’t Esu’s concern. Esu was only concerned about leading the gods to Ile-Ife and then take Osun as a wife for himself.

But there was a problem.

Osun was never interested in neither Esu nor anyone in the star trek. Osun was only interested in Ifa. She loved the calm and cool of Ifa not the slimy guts of Esu nor the whimpering doddle of Sango or the overbearing attitude of Ogun.

Ogun, ever interested in Osun, right from when they were told that they would be the first set of gods that would lead the expedition of the gods, had been interested in Osun. So, he changed his ways. He became an all-white Sango. He tried to pretend and wanted to live the life of a star that Ifa was enjoying.

But it was never made for him.

The same way some people try to cover their attitude because of one lady they just met and believe will be their woman, that was what Ogun did. The same way some women make some me change their behaviour because they need to win such women, that was hat Ogun did.

Osun, ever adamant on her goals and pressing on like she know never saw the side of Ogun or the others. She knew what she wanted, she made her decision not because Ifa was appearing on the gram getting a lot of followers on twitter. Instead, she wanted him because she fit the personality of what she can associate with as a wife.

Ifa, the celebrity of the gods, ever humble and calm, pressed on. Leading the way and working hand-in-hand with Esu not minding what travesty Esu had in store. Sango was more neutral and was only interested in Oya.

The journey pressed on and they passed every until they got to a place where there were iron bars. None of the gods could do anything, not even the efforts of Ifa could do anything. Ogun was having his fill of palm-wine because he felt they didn’t need him to do anything. When he saw that Ifa had nothing to do again after doing all he could, he saw it as his moment of shine.

He went forward, raised his iron hands and broke the bars of iron, asunder. There were enough Instagram pictures, increased followers on twitter, new friends request on Facebook, new profile views on LinkedIn. Floods of memes celebrating his feat were made.

He bent the irons and carved a ring, making it the first time there would ever be a proposal in the land of the gods.

Ogun knelt down and told Osun why he wanted her but the ball was never in the court of Ogun, the key decision lies with Osun. Some people don’t need to tell ‘no’ before you know they are not meant for you.

If the woman doesn’t want you, even if you have lots of everything and add many things, there will still be something you don’t have. That something is her heart. As flexible as a woman’s heart is, when it is made up, it is easy to break an iron than breaking their hearts.

“The woman you want should also want you.” Those were the words Ifa said at his wedding ceremony.

There are those women, no matter what you do or try, they were never meant for you. Kill yourself, it would just be a waste of time because their heart was never meant for you

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