Basically, chances are high that most people make this mistake before they get married. And, it has undone the many years of commitment. They come to social media, upload pictures, add the snapchat effect and put the CIAO. Gbam! everywhere is pepper red and blue.

I guess this makes everybody believe that all is well that ends well in Marriage.

Oya camdan! During Corona Lockdown in Nigeria, there were more than 2000 cases of divorces that were filed just in Abuja, alone.

I asked myself why divorce became the hugest issue. Not food, not lockdown. I discovered that since there was nothing to do except watch TV and probably gist, the next thing which was to be done is SEX, as in lots of sex. On the bed, in the kitchen, the living room, and even in the corner.

Everywhere was about the SEX.

If you are a conservatist, now is the time to leave this read and check other posts. You may be exposed to lewd words which are not for a Mommy’s boy

So, it all came tumbling down. Marriages were crashing here and there. It wasn’t even because of money, neither was it because people don’t have time. It was because there was too much time for what they only do casually. And, today I am writing for those who are young and yet to be married

I know we say that we shouldn’t marry for the sex. I know they tell us that we should marry for the brain, how to cook, chores, maybe six packs, pink lips and of course the know-how to take care of the house. However, if you don’t add marrying your sex mate to the features, you are shooting yourself in the leg with a bazooka.

For the records, I am a sexual purity activist but I also encourage that people talk out stuffs.

You need someone who will be physically strong to bend you over and give you the right proportion of how you should take it. This is not immoral act. This is SEX with your legal partner.

Sometimes, one of the reasons women don’t want to leave an abusive relationship with an ego-stricken man is because those men know how to satisfy women sexually. Forget all the I won’t talk to him again. The same woman will still allow him to enter because there is a satisfaction from proper sex. Women travel far distance for the GBOLA. After that, they calm down to act like everything is fine.

High on the list of what you should know about your partner is their sexual disposition. What they feel about some styles. And how you will adapt to new demands from each other as time goes on.

Someone will say, is this what marriage is all about? YES, it is! For the SEX, through the SEX and by the SEX. I know Generation X believe Gen Zs just hype and noise sex but it is not like we fell from heaven.

A man who satisfies his woman in the bedroom SHOULD not have trust issues.

So, who is the Lord of Rods

The Lord of the Rods is the one who is able to exactly do all what it sexually takes to keep their marriage intact with their wife… AND DO IT TO THE LETTER. Room, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, everywhere must stew

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