Do you know Ogun?

Tell Akidanidani that when the drum is getting too loud, it is about to tear pére-père.

You don’t have to ask for Atónà, it is the rope that will describe the way we are going to use it.

How Olurangun came into the world was not behind the finger.

If Ogun had not bitten the finger that fed it, we won’t be here asking why Ogun’s place became where we behead people

It was Baara Agbonmiregun who spoke with the king that year 1245B.C (Before Corona) about rewarding Ogun for all he has been doing for the community.

But, Sànpònná called everyone to reason that Ogun remains a politician who doesn’t care about what or who. All Ogun cares about is becoming the King not the blacksmith’s leader.

No! No one agreed with his POV. They gave him a shut up and put him in his seat

There are two O, One O is always stronger than the other. Owó (Money) is greater than Òsì (Poverty) because they all determine Òṣèlú (Politics)

Las-las, Ogun became the second in command. Thus, began the reign of taxes that made even GAARI stand like Goliath.

At first, people managed until they couldn’t manage it again. It led to the first uprising in the land. #EndSARS there, #EndBadGovernance later
The King sent Ogun and his boys to crush them.

Thus, that singular act brought the slang, Ogun kee you.

But, Ogun didn’t know that Ìjímèrè should be careful when climbing the tree because Fólórunsó Ajàgbé that climbed the banana tree eventually became hunched. If they had told Ogun that when Lálá goes up, it will certainly come crashing down, he would have listened

Trust world people, they didn’t back down. They found the lantern of his life and snuffed it out.

They didn’t snuff it sef, they diluted his kerosene with water till everything came tumbling down

Ogun came tumbling down but his face will eventually appear on the Naira, maybe ₦5000


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