In this 21st century, the world is already crossing to 5IR and maybe 6G will soon leave us in the wake of unbelievable and exceeding revolution.

Perchance you are thinking this post is about TECHNOLOGY, you are EXTREMELY WRONG!

Me… write about technology for free? Highly impossible like removing P from psychology

Basically, there are many reasons we say we love those people we say we love. It may be for the way they talk or the way they manage to hold their own in the midst of trials and stress.

Waiitttt!!! We always want to shift the ground to what they do not what we saw that made us love them.

“Hey Jude, why do you love Hannah?”

Chances are high that he will cup his mouth, raise his chin, pretend to think about the wisest answers to give and then look up. “I love her because she compliments me”

Do we have to remind you that is a lie?

We all know your face is always on her lips. Her thin, sexy and attractive lips. You have always picture yourself sucking the lower lips, use your lips to hold on a 1-10 counting challenge with her. And now, in a rush to show us how noble your intentions are, you just lost the script to tell us how great her lips are.

We will all nod and say, “Okay!” it is a generic answer.

On the flip side and playing the devil’s advocate, you can change the narrative.

So, I love Hannah because she has this massive backside that makes me grin and ask myself, how on earth did I manage to have someone so beautiful like her?

That is giving away just enough details to make us everyone see what you really love about Hannah.

The idea that you love everything is all great and a great media strategy. Who doesn’t love to play the good boy in front of the world?

Dear men, you won’t die when you tell your women what you really admire about them. Or, you may even pick a random part to hype.

“Hey Julie, I love that terrific ass of yours. I love the swing and the Jing”.

You don’t need to stress yourself, you just gave yourself a full ticket to an exclusive swing and jingle for the day. That is BUILDING bonds. Not the I love you. I love you shouldn’t be the generic and baby thing. It should be HYPE.

Hype “her majesty!” Let the majesty feel at your mercy. Her royal highness will take pity of you, her complimentary subject and give you unhindered fete of whatever it is you said. Expect free compliment courtesy of the house

The next time they ask you what you love about your woman, please look up, and tell them the truth.

Beyond her prayer strength, her culinary skills, her communication approach, her management qualities, there is that thing you love. If you can’t tell us because we can start hoping to see what is making you feel happy, you can at least do the honour of letting her know how she ticks your bosses.

Don’t be shy!

It is the BOOBS!

Admit it.

Tell us the truth. We won’t beat you.

Just the boobs, please. It is the boobs that made you fall like a mango tree!

If you can’t tell her why you are married her, why did you marry her?

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