Please permit me to start with this

I know many will not agree with this and as a matter of fact, I don’t want many to agree to it because I also do not subscribe to it either.

Wait fess lemme voice out my claim before you rant.

Do you know poverty is a tool the politician uses to cajole us? Why then do we still give in to them to use it as a tool against. If we know the avenue through which the enemy heads from, I believe we also should know ways by which we tackle them head-on

Ehn ehn

Small time now they will bring their garri and sugar kulukuli (peanut bar), epa ( groundnut) and milk inside small polythene bag with their name engraved gidigba (boldly) on it. And they will now use 1 thousand naira to flush it.

Guess who will still run to them to get those things – Me and you. Isn’t that funny for an acclaimed wise one?

Oh Okay

You say that one is politics

What about that Daddy xyz that will intentionally keep money for our community transformer money inside his bank account and still tell us it was stolen? ? What do we make of that one


Sis ABC the chemist, that buys fake drugs and sells to people, does she not know the detimental effect of this not even to others but to her and her business? She’s forgotten that her family is not spared from the tribulation to come.


What about Hospital MNO – government hospital o that sells ” Not for sale” drugs specially made for the patients to drug vendors outside the hospital. Have they forgotten that their kids might be on admission one day?

You know see how STUPID we’ve become over the years ?

Wo we are our own problem. Husband is the problem if the wife, same as the wife too the problem of the husband. Woman the enemy of men, same as men the enemy of women.

We’ve forgotten we owe ourselves, duty of care, as our individual actions are directly or indirectly affecting others.

Small time come feminist greatest enemy is MAN, Masculist fighting the feminist.

Which way na,

why do we make toxic our environment? The same environment that houses us.
Aren’t we stupid?

The point of this is not to degrade anyone but to make us understand that true happiness lies in togetherness. We must always strive for humanity first before ourselves, for our environment and for our collective lives as MAN.

Therefore when next I perceive that we still haven’t changed as MAN, I’ll not be ashamed to come here again, to rant about about how STUPID we are.

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