FOOD IS READY

Of course, everyone has the description of what they believe should be the foundation of a great marriage in their head. Forget the Jesus and Satan construct plus the devil in management. The basic construct is that 21st century where everything is controlled by SOCIAL MEDIA

Glam up for Instagram                                                                                   

Flick on Snapchat                                                                                                                                 

Pepper dem on Facebook

Akube Balenciaga geng on WhatsApp 

Shut them up on Twitter                                                             

Shake them on Pintrest                                                                                                                        

Me and my wife on Tumblr

And there is one someone who thinks marriage is just the 300 reactions, 342 comments, 566 repost, 1200 shares plus 1.6k retweet. If only you know that behind every successful marriage, there is a successful wife who is ready to make sure the marriage is intact, you will camdan to read and digest whatever is here.

Yes, this post is for Adults. Not some 14 years old who rely on mommy and daddy for sweets and sugar.

Shall we? Yes, we should!

Chances are high that when you see a man grin from ear to here early in the morning in the office, it is down to two factors. It is either there is an early money morning or the SEX was good.

So, I know I write for youths who are yet to marry, I promise to be very brief

It is a note for ladies.

Chances are high that the man you will marry is preparing a whole lot for marriage night. This is most certain if he is a sexual puritan. Even if he is not, he will still be looking forward to the first official gbas-gbos

Yes, we know they say we should not put sex to mind but I have been conversed with lots of young men and one of their look-ins is the SEX of their wedding. For them, the focus is mad and they have huge expectations.

Yes, it is their champions league. They have been waiting like Liverpool for 30 years to lift Premier League.

You may say is it food? If it is not food, maybe it is water.

The first thing you should remove from your head is, SEX is  NOT FOOD? It is FOOD! A real food! A happy Food! Breakfast, Lunch and even Dinner. Sorry, some people make it snack and brunch. Who said we don’t marry for sex? Really? 000

I know we have to pray and hold hands but the truth is, one of the basic foundations is SEX. As in LEGAL SEX. It is part of the reaso0n they waited that long. Call it the OWNER’S PRIVILEGE.

The thing is, we expect him to satisfy you and we expect him to be satisfied. It is a vice-versa thingy. There is nothing like, we will fast and pray before the sex.

Are you now normal?

Which fasting is that? Fasting before having sex? Don’t be too SPIRITUAL that you ignore physical

Hi! They will even suck you. Yeah! He married you legally to be able to touch those places thoroughly and appropriately. It is like buying your phone and feeling ashamed to use the full features, why did you buy it?

The long and short of this is simple!

The one who understands that unless they are not feeling fly and fine, chances are high that the first week after the wedding will witness massive noise on the bed, bends in the living room, quick hack in the kitchen and even squat you in the loo. It is just about the BEND and the SEX.

Well, you may even twerk to unheard drums, it is part of the design.

Sex is what? It is food. A food for ADULTS!

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