Someone who is planning protective charms does not know the number of those he is working against.

Have you seen Magun? I bet if you are reading from outside Nigeria without a tinge of Nigeria in you, it is highly certain that you may not know what Magun is.

Hey, don’t forget that I always give warnings when you read my posts, I don’t write for people who are under-18 and spoon-fed sense by their mommy and daddy. I write for people who don’t censor and try to downplay words for Mommy’s boys

What the hell is Magun?

People say it is a rope. The closest some people have been to it is when they see movies where an actor starts drinking water or crowing or summersault thrice before joining the SILENT PEOPLE ASSOCIATION

Anyways, here is the thing.

You need to know that Magun is not the rope thing laid on the floor like the make-believe has made most people think. Magun (roughly translated as DON’T CROSS) is more than what Nollywood Yoruba and Africa Magic has made y’all see. I will write this from experience.

It was 2015, we were actually playing football when we heard that wahala has started not quite far from a corner in our area. Trust Nigerians, we love the feel of seeing wahala at close quarters. It wasn’t that we were not afraid but the chilly happiness of first-hand information is the redemption.

Off we went!

I saw people struggling to gain access to the scene of the incident. In Nigeria, you must understand that if you know people, you may buy one cup of rice for N10, depending on the rice.

Nigerian men basically do not want their women to be touched by another man, not even sat with. Only a few have the cross-over mentality of understanding that you can’t be the only one your woman will talk to. You won’t blame us sha. There is Kayamata for women to make sure their men stay leashed like a patient dog waiting for the fattest bone. It is not fetishism in Africa, it is more like a culture. Call it the possessive obsession.

Back to my story.

So, the woman was laced with Magun. When she was laced, we don’t know. But what is certain is the woman was laced because the man has huge trust issues.

Fact ONE: The woman was laced with MAGUN by her husband

Shall we continue?

The man who died was her husband. One sympathizer took the painful moment to explain how it all went down.

“He came to me that night that he was suspecting his wife because she is making more sales than normal. I told him that his wife is one of those people I can vouch for in the world. I guess that made him feel I had something to do with wife’s overnight sales boom. In short, I gave him the magun, not the rope, but a tiny seed. It can be put into the food or probably water. How he gave her, I don’t know. I know he felt whoever did it (sex) with her should be dead. Well, my friend is dead and (breaks down into tears)”

FACT TWO: The ma killed himself by his hands through his wife during the actions of the gbasgbos and gbola

I really wasn’t interested in the crocodile tears.

People just looking for unnecessary stress for themselves.

The reason CCTV was made is not just for banks and government play to Police and Thieves. It is to see what you should see. If you are so unsure of your partner’s fidelity, spend good money on Spy-cams. Order for CCTV in your house. Pay private detectives, let them become your eyes and nose everywhere she goes.

Make sure the detective you employ is not her secret lover.

You don’t have to die uselessly.

The fun is, the death was useless. It wasn’t the Jesus-esque death. He didn’t die to save the world. He didn’t die right, he died senselessly and people left angrily

Here is my advice for you, if you marry someone you have to use Magun to hold, you just married your death. Gone too soon is VERY close.

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