The Gods

When the gods plan to leave, they will never accept sacrifice

The struggles would start within him. The gods would not demand his attention. They won’t back out like Dino who jumps from P to A and then back to P

Not like Abubakar

The way the gods set their priorities is unlike Godwin who prints ₦50b for giveaway

The gods would first look at the man to determine if they should give him one more chance

Then, he would disappoint his ancestors

The gods footsteps would become faint but it would still be loud, so loud that Asiwaju will begin to make plans. Plans to bamboozle the gods

But the gods are waiting for a set time. Then you’d realise that those whom you have boasted to about being the one who had the arrow of God will be the ones you go back to ask for how to be a Man of the People

But, you will realise that Things has fall apart and it is no longer at ease. Just like the way Isiaka thought of himself as the Anthills of the Savannah so will the gods push Asiwaju to the front and forget him

And behind him, they’d leave

You may ask why the gods did that. They already decided what they’d do since #EndSars. They are only watching cows take over.

The truth is, this sun shining high above is no longer enough to dry any cloth. They have switched off the sun and the moon is off

The gods are not to be blamed. The arrow of the gods will hit everywhere and there will no longer be a nation

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