So, today let’s simply talk about stylistics

Stylistics is simply demystifying the mystified. A text can simply be written or oral irrespective of any language used. Language is used to elicit simple certain responses from the audience. Language users go beyond simple communication but evoking certain responses from the audience whether hearers or readers.

All these are simply what stylistics studies. I guess that should be simple to understand. Any simple questions please?

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Nobody signified in case of any question. It reminds me of the days in primary and secondary school that we’re asked if we understood, and there’ll be a resounding Understood even when that’s not the case.

Alright, in the absence of questions, kindly note down the simple following group topics. He rambles on as I look on quietly in my corner.

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Good afternoon, class! The lecturer concludes as he leaves the class. I watched him as he dragged his body in his oversized coat all along to his rickety car parked just outside the class.

I remembered his first lecture ever with us, and since then we’ve named him Mr. Simple. He hardly composes statements without inserting the word simple. I guess he believes so much in that word that his lifestyle revolves around it.

Well, I’m not talking about Mr. Simple today. I want to talk about myself.

I’ve always wondered what’s simple in his course. If not anything, his course is infact the most difficult one I’m taking currently. Not to talk of the fact that it’s a 4-unit compulsory course.

But as difficult as this course is, he finds a way to make it look simple. Even though he does this using big grammar. SMH… Demystifying the mystified? Like really!?

But all the same, let me just say this:

Simple things are not simple because they are naturally simple. They are simple because they are made simple.


You too, oya, demystify the mystified. 🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣

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