Because today is Tuesday…

…and in Debby’s schedule, Tuesday’s are for cruises.

Monday is too official for my liking 😏

So, for the love of Tuesdays, let’s cruise. Shall we? Don’t worry, we’re not going to the water (for those that are aquaphobia). 😁😁

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Gaining admission into the University of Lagos for a postgraduate program is dream-like. I really didn’t think it was going to be possible.

After NYSC that year, I wanted to just launch out into the real world with some business ideas and all. But I felt one hand pulling me and saying, Come and go to UNILAG first.

And me, I was like Uni kini? That University that I’ve heard reports of plenty bad bad tin.

Shebi they just finish exposing one room laidat that plenty plenty bad sometin has gone under the carpet. Ah! I cover my self with the blood of Jesus!

Honestly speaking, I had more than double doubt about the whole thing. But I Sha applied, wrote exam, and we were waiting for the admission.

Funny enough, this is still not where I’m going but let’s go…

When the result was released, it remain zero point sometin to enter the cutoff mark for full time. And because I applied for full time, I wasn’t given admission.

Sad? Mba! Not me!

See me… shining teeth… Is God not good?

But sometin sometin sometin Sha happen, and they gave me admission to Part-time studies.

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Mummy, mummy, daddy, daddy!

Unilag iyaf gif your daughter admission ooo.

Should we continue this particular cruise story some other time? It’s getting too long…😏😏

Oya, what do you learn bαΊΉyαΊΉn?

I learnt that we should always cut every long story short.

C’est finis!

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