Source: Bhavna Singh- Times of India

Nigeria is not a good place to be right now, honestly I would be lying If I say I’m not fed up.

It’s so bad that in 24 hours all over the news I couldn’t bring out just one positive news about my dear country. I would have loved to challenge myself to see the good side of life, but then my love for the country has made me refuse to turn a blind eyes to her occurences for the past few years.

I know this is how it is for every well meaning Nigerians too. The sacrifices is just too expensive for us. It cost us our PEACE.


Depression is real bro, it’s so real like the hair on your head. I’m not depressed but I’m mad. I’m mad at the way the country is being run, by ruthless people who prioritizes a cow than the life of human being. These kind of things are so unheard of, it can make you lose your sanity in a jiffy; hey, look there and it’s just gone.

Recently, I have been brainstorming about the best solution we could have, my head couldn’t wrap up anything

Everyday, i go to bed knowing fully well that tomorrow might just be another hell waiting to let lose.

Who knows? Anything can happen at any point in time.

Yes, I can wake up and God may have preserved my ways- as well as all who believes too, He’s our God afterall (until something evil happens to someone who also claims God is his shepard) but then we must learn to put others feeling above ours.

If I’m saved today, and another is not, till when will I too become not saved? the environment is not safe for every one. It might not be you today but what about the next day? Can you fully beat your chest that the next minute is yours?

In the midst of all these mass hysteria, it’s very easy for us to lose our sanity; our humanity is at stake. It is human behaviour to act irrationally when pressed with difficult moments; moments bigger than himself.


However, we must be very wary not to allow the situation turn us into animals waiting to unleash their brutality. We must stay together at a time like this, breeding humanity and not hatred

We are in the midst of difficulty but we must NEVER lose our SANITY.

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