Help to Us

You’re on the lane of life’s journey, in the midst of the chaos of all noises. Suddenly, all sounds ceased and all bodies disappears.

Time literarily stops as you tend to notice nobody is cheering you on. It’s either everyone stopped noticing you at the same time, or they just got familiar with everything you do, and refuse to cheer you again.

This sudden weakness overtakes you, dampens your spirit, and makes you feel alone!

Photo by Liza Summer on

You look out the window one day and discover that you lack the motivation to go to school.

You lack the encouragement to become what you’ve been aspiring for too long.

You discover that there is no will left within you to push through those besetting hurdles and obstacles.

Indeed, such moments of being alone brings deep thoughts and meditations. They make you question whether you’re doing right or wrong. They make you unable to take another step further.

You stare forward at the dark tunnel closing in on you, and you wonder whether there’s light at the end.

Photo by Vojtech Okenka on

The good news is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

To my fellow students at this point in life’s journey, there’s greatness ahead!

For every sleepless night and midnight candle, there is help by the corner!

Help comes to us!

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