Rotten Tomatoes

It’s usually like a movie… Infact, it starts like one… And what we do best is to sit down to judge which movie deserves more percentages…

I remember the struggles of students today and I become sober. I’m dedicating this post to a friend, who is also a brother that I lost more than a year ago. He was a student trying to find a footing in an institution.

He failed just too many times. And the rotten tomatoes felt he deserved just below a standard rating, just because he didn’t get there. Anyway, he’s gone now…and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Photo by Liza Summer on

I know prayers can’t be made for the dead. I remember you today, BJ. I remember your struggles too.

Why is your life as useless as this? So many youths like you had become students of prestigious institutions, but here you are, wasting away like rotten tomatoes. Pun intended anyway…

To those that have been plunged into abysmal depths as a result of words like these… We remember!

We remember the depression you’ve been through and the stress you’ve been made to experience.

To those still in the shoes, break free from the rotten tomatoes. They are deadly!

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