The Strong One

It always seem like Steppenwolf of Justice League, or Savitar of Flash season 3 or 4 (I can’t remember), or even King Kong himself. Well, to the movie lovers, this isn’t about who is the friend or enemy. Their size is the focus here.

They approach stealthily at first, like a covert agent, making themselves known just when they are very near. They seem like the biblical Goliath in the presence of young David doing press-up.

Photo by Julia Larson on

Chai! Exams ooo… e no dey smile sef…

Exams had always posed themselves as the Almighty every time they come. And this has personally made me to wonder: Is it really necessary and worth it?

Well, exams, they say, is the true test of knowledge. When I hear that, I’ll just smile, and remember the days when we were much younger.

It becomes an argument when we say exams aren’t the true test of knowledge. But I guess everyone still agrees that it does its best in trying to ascertain the level of knowledge acquired (whether by hook or crook).

Exams are in the air for most students in Nigeria… Enjoy then!

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