Bath Cruise

Yeeeeh! I screamed loudly.

What’s up D.? Any problem in there?

THE WATER IS COLD! I literally screamed from the bathroom.

I heard my roommate burst into laughter. Congratulations, babe! You know you’ve gat no choice. Dr. Àlàbí’s class’ calls in less than an hour from now. So hurry up!

Honestly, I had no choice. I had to hurry my bath which I couldn’t do successfully too. For every time the bowl of water was to come close to my body, I said the Lord’s prayer.

Photo by Ivan Siarbolin on

Anyway, that was last week.

Dr. Àlàbí’s class was the only class I usually have as early as 8am in the week. I know I’m fortunate to have most of my classes within 12pm to 4pm throughout the week.

Since the semester started two weeks ago, I’ve been finding it difficult to take my bath in the morning. The weather is freezing cold. Anyway, I’m always feeling cold, whether it’s hot or cold generally.

When Dr. Àlàbí fixed his class last week, I didn’t have any option than to endure that excruciating pain of the cold. But this week and every other week that there’ll be cold, there’ll be a difference. Wondering what I’ll do? Just wait and see…

Ọmọ x one million!

They normally say that Ogun àsọtẹlẹ kìí pa’arọ (A foretold war does not kill the lame man). Apparently, the lame will start finding their way out of the proposed venue for war before it actually starts.

As I entered the bathroom, I did water-testing. I cannot allow sometin dat dinnor have father and mother to come and kill me.

Chai! The water cold ooooo…

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on

Na so I just cup small water with my hand, do Lord’s prayer, and dab am for my leg. I wait small, do same for my hand. Do small, and do same for my face. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget to use my mouth wash.

Èmi ọmọlọmọ! Na so I carry head go school oo. Who knows? If I no tell you sef, you no go know! Mtcheeww

It’s cruise Tuesday! To all students, just cruise today, you’ll be fine jare…

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