I know you hate rules, they don’t interest you right? Me too, I don’t like playing by the books, to me it’s restrictive. However we can’t always have it all by our very selves, we are not an epitome of all solutions, if we are we wouldn’t be needing ourselves after all. Therefore it is mandatory for us sometimes to be subjective to the right principles, so that we wouldn’t be ruled out when we need to associate to get help.

What is a PRINCIPLE?

Principles are laws made inorder to guide an action, which if carefully and religiously followed will result in the expected end it’s meant to fulfil. Meaning that principles are guideline to be followed if we must get what we desire. What we desire are only answerable to some principles, you can’t get them without walking that route.

Nothing comes by chance, all repercussions emanate from an action fore-made. Every human actions are geared towards a target, but one can honestly miss the target if the required guidelines that are meant to follow are not strictly adhered to.

Think of principle as a road that leads you to that preferred destination which you’ve first envisage in your mind.

We might come across different kinds of principles that meet our need, principles like the gravitational force, the giving principle, the principle backing demand and supply of commodities, principles around moving objects etc. However I bring to you today one of the most important principles you need inorder to excel and that principle is what I call the 7 MAN PRINCIPLE


This proposition is that which believes that the satisfaction of your need is placed in between 7 different people. This means that to get a problem solve it cannot exceed the capacity of 7 people.

Okay follow closely

Imagine I need 10,000 naira urgently, what the principle is saying is that the tendency of you getting that amount of Money is in between 7 people. Meaning that if the first person can not help he will refer you to the second person, if he also cannot help then he refers you to the third person till you finally get the need solved and you need can never move past the 7th person till the need is solved.


Relationship is a major ingredient in this principle because the principle itself is based on an already trust-sustained relationship. Relationship must be a priority for this principle to work. Problem solving endeavours are never a one-man thing, it has to be the collaboration of different heads, willing and ready to help you.

No great man can boldly say he made it alone, achievers doesn’t achieve alone, contributed inputs are necessary for achievements. So the principle is that which prioritize communal help than self believing your way through everything.

This is why it is necessary for us as individual to develop a win win relationship that breeds trust among others.

Steven R Covey in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, painted a great picture of this by talking about EMOTIONAL BANK ACCOUNTS. He believes that a win win, trust based relationship adds to the positive side of a person’s emotional account while deception or untrustworthiness deposit to the negative side. He opined that when the time for withdrawal comes, your deposit will determine your receipt. If you can be trusted enough, the person comes to your aid to help you and vice versa

The 7 man Principle is also structured in a manner in which your deposit in the emotional account of the initiator ( the person who will initiate your request to other if he doesn’t have the power to help) will go a long way to help you get what you need.

This approach is however not a means to exploit, or reap where you’ve not sown, it is an approach based on quid pro quo (something for something), but the thing you have to give are those things which enables and grow trust in others. If you can get others to trust you, then you’ll get them to help you.

But it must be noted that it is very easy for one to lose his respect and trust if the other person sees that your intentions are dubious rather than helpful.


We all need someone to rely on, we can’t trust everyone but also we need that someone to help us get to where we are willing to get to. No one is an island of everything, we are interdependent; having the ability to help and be helped. Our solution lies in those small relationships we do not value. Only if we can look with more intentions maybe we will see those hidden treasures buried in the heart of MAN.

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