Lecturer: I don’t know what you people are reading when you’re about to start exam

D: Ah! Oga, Come off it!

Lecturer: It will not enter na

D: Not enter bawo? This one will enter ooo. Na magnetic time we dey sir.

I’ve noticed that about 80% of students feel that their blank brains can be filled up in the space of a nanosecond with what they are reading just within few minutes to the exams.

Anyway, our brains are different. But, as a student, you should know what works for you. If na to read like say your life dey on the line immediately they start teaching you, that works for you, abeg no hesitate to do am ooo.

Na copycopy dey kill person. Abeg, no copy person wound yourself ooo. Know what works for you, and know peace!

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