When foreigners watch Nollywood movies, they are shown exotic, exhilarating and encapsulating places in Nigeria. It makes them think Nigeria is all about tarred roads, artistic sceneries, piloted-drone cams, and beautiful hotels in Abuja, Portharcourt and Lagos. However, the depth of Nigeria lies in the beauty of corner sides and unseen places.

Travelling in Nigeria these days is dreadful and extremely scary. The journey from here to there can lead to the den of kidnappers or bandits. But, what drives me is the joy I derive in tasting Amala of different cities and places

Yes, I have eaten Amala in Abuja. Ate it at Suleja, Mokwa. Tried that of Lagos, Oyo, different places in Ibadan. I ate Amala at Ifè, Osun, Ede and Ìkirè. Ate on the road through Akure, once. Stopped over for Amala at Ijebu-ode, Ago-Iwoye, Sagamu and Abeokuta. So far, the worst Amala I’ve had is from Abeokuta.

It informs the reason I said Yes to Silas when he said we are going for his Grandpa’s burial. Another taste of Amala in Ijaye will not be bad. It will add to the list of places we conquered Amala.

Everyone thought I was going there for the thrill of the ride. The truth was I came for the Amala and the fantasy

Just the fantasy

The road to his hometown is tarred. Thanks to Federal Government’s Chinese sponsored, debt-inflicting new Lagos to Ibadan railway, the road from Moniya is new and tarred. And you will enjoy the ride.

I didn’t pay attention to what we saw when going because I never thought I would write about it, maybe I would have gotten y’all pictures. Trust me to give you honest reports

The off-road to the town is somehow graded, thanks to whatever local government area the place is. But the road is much suitable for trucks.

For someone quite used to going to different cities, I found it amusing that the stretch of the whole town has no police outpost just some vigilante presence which I was told is very effective. Their wahala oooo!

Well, civilisation has gotten there. They wear clothes. I saw someone was Balnecianga sweater, maybe the fake. They don’t go about dangling their carrot like when Eve met Adam. Everyone wore clothes and they used phones 🤣

Then, I noticed that there was no network signal in the place. The only network presence was a service provider but the network is slower than a snail.

The church was, to me, the biggest piece of architecture in that settlement. They sha built it to reflect the mightiness of that church

The most amusing is how they show each other their 2MP video recordings. I was wondering how they’d manage to flaunt their videos when I with my 16MP camera feels ashamed to snap pictures. No, they owned their shine

Focus on the hand of the woman

We left church and resumed my Amala hunt party. Reception quickly, please.

I’m glad to announce to you that I didn’t eat Amala. They said Amala has finished.

I went hungry and came back hungrier. So, I have update my records. Ijaiye has no Amala

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