African Vibe

What story of Sango did they tell you?

That Sango is the god of Thunder? That he didn’t die at Koso?

We know Sango is the god of Thunder. There is however, one story you don’t know that I know. I know because I was the Personal Assistant.

It all began three weeks before the gods were to create the seven waters, seven mountains and seven hills.

They invited just five gods and I. Esu, the god of wahala and idaamu was not invited. They told me, he travelled. All of us, knowing Esu’s capacity and capabilities, requested that we wait on the project but the gods already had a Gantt chart of the project in their head. The deliverables has been set. My duty is just to supervise and give reports to the gods.

For this, they offered to pay me in dollars.

Esu came by and decided to show us wahala. Wahala for person who don’t know Esu.

Esu told Sànpònná, the god of chicken pox, that Sango has been leaving the project site to say Hi to Sànpònná’s wife behind.

That is how wahala started.

Esu directed us to ask Sango if it is a lie.

Unknown to us, Esu already added pepper to Sango’s water. Instead of answers, Sango was coughing and crying.

Ìdààmú began. Sango can’t talk and the gods ordered that he be killed.

As they took him to Abénilórí, I trudged behind, silently clamouring that Sango is innocent, Esu walked ahead, chested and happy.

When we got to Abénilórí avenue, the deed was done. And Esu was made the new site Foreman. I was sad but there is nothing I can do. I know what happened is not right but I was scared to Soro Sókè.

It was at this moment that the wife of Sànpònná crawled out of whatever hole she was. It was from her we got to know how Esu planned everything.

All of us did HAAAAA and HAAAAA! But there’s nothing we can do.

Omoye can’t wear clothes no more
Omoye has gone to the market, naked
The head of Sango has rolled
Adults were at home
The head of the baby has bend
The lame that is wise should run
The children has gottenÈku ìdá
They will ask for the death that killed their father
War is coming!
We will not just #ENDSARS
We will not allow them to make us quiet again

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