On Regular Programming

Today, I am reminded that there are times we plan stuffs and it doesn’t materialise like we want it to be.

This morning, Silas and I purported that we should be at Ado-Ekiti by 6pm, see few friends and maybe enjoy the special dialects, see the iconic stretch of dusty houses in the hinterland of Ado.

But, providence decided to play a big part in the odds against us.

First, we decided to get to park by 2pm. But, Ibadan reminded us that the road to Heaven will forever be narrow. If you decide to overdo, holdup will hold you back.

Deciding to drive yourself on such a long journey is a no-no! It is not like Google Map is always as accurate as they predict. This is Nigeria. Google Map can lead you to the backyard of another man’s fence here.

Second, one of the best experience in Nigeria will always be when you mingle with the masses. I mean, there is the joy of first-class on an airplane, lounging, and seeing the whole wide world like a dot in the circumference.

I digress

Boarding a bus full of people, no nose-mask, getting mad at each other for paying ₦2k bus fare, driver raging like the god of war, drag puffpuff and drinks with park traders, women taking turns to pray to make sure Angels take hold of each bolts of the tyre and some other Angels holding the tyres.

Honestly, nothing beats the thrill of bus travel in Nigeria. If you’re looking for adventure wrapped with learning how loose the country is, try Bus Travel. You’d see the mentality of an average Nigerian and how they see the world.

Lastly, the greatest fun of bus travel is sitting down with a nice fine woman telling her Husband that sooner or later, they will be hugging each other at the end of the day. I am happy for her and I am feeling so sorry for myself.

Another night. And a 20 something year old boy is still single!

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