Silhouette Challenge

Honestly, when I remember why my friend didn’t get married last year, I always have mixed feelings.

Yeah! I actually have many friends. Some are not friends ‘as in friends’. Some are just ‘friends without the classified I’.

There are the ‘Hi! Been long. Are you good friends!’

Hell yeah, Bryan was my M.G. My real main guy to the core. The day his daddy gave him six weeks ultimatum to either bring a wife or get ticked off the list of been his child, wasn’t funny. It was like hell’s fury.

At first, we didn’t take it serious until it was four weeks to the deadline. My man started calling his girls to check them out.

“Hey Cindy! You game? Can we go further? Janet, how far? How about we take this further? Olanna, it is not like you don’t love me. Say the final yes”.

Well, none of them said the Yes. It just became like a busted-ripped-autopilot bus. We know all of them won’t say Yes. Who wants to commit to marriage these days? It is all about the one minute ta-ta-ta. And everyone goes their way. The ultimatum was getting close and Bryan’s dad may do what he said he would do – remove Bryan’s name off the beneficiary.

Not in this world would you allow someone remove your name from that list. May we not be unfortunate oooooo.

I have been rehearsing for long how we will celebrate Bryan’s dad death. How we will pretend to be sad and burst to tears. No removal abeg! Eventually, we both considered every choices available to him and most assuredly knew Ola, not Olanna, will be his go-to. She said yes gleefully and we were both happy. At least, I get to remain the friend of a billionaire when the dad is dead.

Telmabout privileges and assurances of cash. Bryan’s dad instructed him to bring over. He needs to host his future daughter in-law. That day, I wore my best cloth. The start of best man’s duties, innit.

As we introduced Ola, guess what Daddy Bryan said. I know you can’t, actually! Man went like looking for his memory disk space. He wanted to remember where he met her. He kept shouting, do I know you? In the bar? Not Ola. Ola the moralist in the church? Ohhh, yea? Naaa! In the club? Not Ola! We doused the confusion with, “Ola is her church choir leader. You must have met her in one of the numerous crusades she ministered”. K! Daddy Bryan brought out his phone.

…Put your head on my shooooooulderHold me in your arms, baby…

Booom!!! There… Daddy Bryan showed us our innocent Ola’s #Silhouettechallenge Wahala became raise to power 2