There is a story they didn’t tell you about Sango. All they ever told you is that Sango loves dancing but they never told you whose drum it is.

The day Sango was born, strange is a small word.

The midwife was stunned, she has never seen this before. Never in her twenty-seven years of being a midwife had she experienced this. A baby born into a world full of laughter and happiness. The tears are to explain that the world that is welcoming you is full of turmoils. But this baby was happy to come here.

Despair became the order of the day.
Perplex is she who has never seen this before

For she must give the mother a report
A report that the baby is fine

But the baby is not fine without a cry

She turned the baby face down and slapped his bums. She whacked the baby in high hopes that the baby would cry. But this baby won’t. Instead, the baby’s face broke into laughter.

As they beat the bums
This baby kept cackling in drums

…..Down the street,
Another baby was born at the same time Sango was born. This baby gave normal cries. The baby was certified okay. And he was given to his mother. Minutes later, this baby won’t stop crying. The reason he cried, nobody knows.

But the truth of the matter is that
As Sango laughed, Sate was crying. The midwife in Sango’s place continued beating his buttock but it was Sate who felt the pains.

That marked the beginning of the last time Sango ever laughed.

And just when you ask yourself the moral of this, understand that there are some friendships that are unexplained. You can’t say this is the reason we are friends or the reason they are friends. They have no common ground or common goals but they have a synergy. A synergy that binds them together.

They are not friendship goals. They are friendship unexplained.

There is no corresponding correspondence between Sango’s weird and wicked nature and Sate’s humble and gentle persona but the fact is

“When Sate drums, only Sango can dance”

It is not all friendship we can explain.

Just like us that don’t have a choice but to enjoy the emergence of a medically unfit and myopic president, that is the bond between Sango and Sate.

Just like Lagos has no choice but to bow down to the whims of a short man and the caprice of one who keeps them in a chain, that is the bond between Sango and Sate.

Just like you who is enjoying the undying love for that man who keeps hitting you like Anthony Punching bag, that is the bond between Sango and Sate.

Just like you hoping that the girl might say Yes even after she invited you to her wedding, that is the bond between Sango and Sate

For when Sate drums
Sango shall dance

No! It is actually…..

Sate must drum
Sango must dance
Sango’s happiness
Sango’s merry
The peace in the eyes of Sango
The smoke in the eyes of Sango
Only Sate controls it

That is the unseeming friendship. It is unexplainable.

Let the sleeping dog just sleep. Don’t bother asking reasons Lagos has the biggest elites and is still in the hands of one man

Let the dog that is asleep sleep in happiness.

Don’t bother asking how some people manage their relationship, it’s something you can’t really understand

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