Serious Case

She saw me from afar and ran excitedly to me.

Ọmọ Iya mi!

Me, I know the number of children my mummy born ooo. But I didn’t tell her that, instead I smiled.

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Na so the girl gbam herself against my body

One babe that I have been eyeing since 200level has successfully brother zoned me now in the 400level. She knew that I liked her, but she didn’t care, and instead decided to make me her ọmọ iya.

Kai! I shake my head vehemently! You see, the matters of the heart na serious sometin ooo.

I was in school one day when I overheard some of my G’s talking. Apparently, they were arguing on something.

Taju: Guy, if na me ehn, I swear down, that girl will gbà!

Tunde: No na, It’s not her fault. She didn’t know joor.

Sege: Iffa hear! She didn’t know kini?

But wait ooo, what are you guys talking about that has made you not to even notice this fresh guy (pointing at myself)?

Taju: Ermmm, mabinu jare. It’s one girl that decided to do bakanbakan with Tunde’s heart.

Let me tell you the story…

Apparently, Tunde fell for one babe laidat during Discourse Analysis class in 300 level first semester. And according to my friend, the human being has the capacity to change his life and become a better man. Pẹlẹ ooo… Mr change.

Anyway, he decided to approach her as any gentleman would. She told him to give her time to think about it, but in the meantime they can just be friends. Na so my friend agree to that arrangement.

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They got close, and my guy was already feeling himself that he was the one for her. Me that I’ve been there, and still there sef. SMH

To cut the long story short, in 400level second semester, the girl introduced somebody to him. The introduction went like this:

Girl (to the newcomer): Hey, meet my friend turned brother. His name is Tunde.

Girl (to Tunde): Tunde, meet my sweetheart friend.

Tunde zoned out completely that the girl had to nudge him at the side before he could take the hand the newcomer stretched to him.

Affliction shall not rise the second time! Me that I already have one experience at hand. Anyway, Tunde ooo… Pẹlẹ. Ṣ’ogbọ? You have to take heart noni…

If you didn’t experience the matter of the heart in school, honestly I say congratulations! And to those at the helm of affairs, I greet una well-done ooo!

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